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Denver Biang: A Young Agripreneur Shaping the Future of Agriculture

At 25, Denver Biang from Kapangan, Benguet, is taking significant strides toward shaping a promising future in agriculture and food production—a dream he has cherished since childhood. In a recent interview with the Philippine News Agency, Denver shared his passion for Agripreneurship and his plans to develop his skills further to secure his family’s future while contributing to food production in the Philippines.

“I am happy with what I do. That is the most important thing, aside from the positive economic prospects in being a farmer,” Denver expressed in his native language, Ilocano.

25-year old Denver Biang of Kapangan, Benguet

Denver is the proud owner of Saymayat Farm, located in Barangay Bineng, La Trinidad, Benguet. His farm specializes in producing seedlings of leafy vegetables cultivated in seedling trays, which are ready for transplanting upon delivery to farmer-buyers.

Growing up, Denver was fortunate to have a neighbor who enjoyed a fulfilling life as an agricultural producer. This experience left a profound impression on him, inspiring his dream of becoming a farmer to lead a good life.

Driven by this aspiration, Denver pursued a degree in agriculture at Benguet State University. During his academic journey, he faced the challenge of balancing his studies with the need to earn a livelihood. He was determined to secure a job aligned with his course to gain hands-on experience and training.

In 2018, for five months, Denver worked at a farm in La Trinidad, Benguet, which specialized in producing seedlings of cut flowers and exporting them to Japan. He describes this experience as a significant turning point in his life. “My time there taught me a lot in addition to what I learned in school,” he noted.

Despite the valuable experience, Denver decided not to renew his work contract, choosing instead to return to school and complete his degree requirements to graduate.

During this time, he stumbled upon an announcement about the Young Farmers’ Challenge, and he decided to participate, partly motivated by the prize money.

With the experience he gained and the PHP50,000 prize he won at the provincial level in 2019, Denver established a rooftop seedling production business.

Denver’s business venture allowed him to focus on a crucial aspect of farming—reducing the mortality rate of seedlings to boost yields. He emphasized the importance of delivering seedlings with well-developed roots that cover the soil in the seedling tray, ensuring their survival and making it easier for farmers to transplant them into the ground.

The concept of his business was rooted in the insights he gained from his previous job. It involved the intricate process of transferring small sprouts into seedling trays, larger trays, and, ultimately, the field where they would grow and be harvested.

Denver now boasts around ten regular clients and walk-in customers who purchase his high-quality seedlings.

As demand for his seedlings continued to grow, Denver expanded his operations. In 2019, he moved from his rooftop setup to a relative’s house with a larger area. However, the rising demand necessitated an even larger space. In 2022, he rented a 2,000-square-meter land, where he now cultivates hundreds of thousands of leafy vegetable seedlings.

To meet this demand, Denver employs three people and opens its doors to agriculture students, offering weekend job opportunities for those eager to learn and gain hands-on experience.

At 25, Denver Biang has evolved into an agripreneur, a mentor at his agricultural learning site farm, and a passionate advocate for encouraging young people to embrace agriculture and food production careers.

Denver Biang’s story is an inspiring example of how passion, perseverance, and a strong work ethic can help turn childhood dreams into successful careers. He emphasizes the importance of knowing one’s goals, pursuing them relentlessly, and gaining knowledge and experience to excel in a chosen field. Denver’s future vision includes expanding his business to own his land, bringing him one step closer to realizing his dream of producing the final agricultural product. His journey stands as a testament to young individuals’ potential in shaping the future of agriculture and food production.

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