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Richard Bates Grey Gamefowl History and Fighting Style

Are you a fan of cockfighting? Have you ever heard of the Bates Grey bloodline? If not, get ready to learn about one of the most popular and sought-after strains in the gamefowl world. This breed, Developed by Richard Bates, has captivated enthusiasts for its physical characteristics, fighting style, and overall temperament. This blog post will explore everything you need to know about the Bates Grey Gamefowl Bloodline – from their history and origin to their behavior and crosses. So please sit back, relax, and discover what makes these birds so unique!

History and Origin

Richard Bates, a well-known gamefowl breeder from Texas, is credited with developing the Bates Grey bloodline. He began breeding these birds in the 1960s and continued to refine them over the years until he achieved what is now known as one of the most successful strains in cockfighting.

Bates grey stag

Bates was very particular about how he bred his Gamefowl. His goal was to create a bird with exceptional fighting ability, good looks, and superior physical characteristics. To achieve this, he took great care in selecting only the best specimens for breeding purposes.

The breed originates in other popular strains such as Whitehackle and Gray Gamefowl. According to experts, Richard Bates developed this hybrid strain by crossing his line of Roundheads infused with Clarets under a family of Greys created by Joe Goode from East Texas.

From there on out, it became clear that Richard Bates’ masterful handshad created something special —a bird that could excel not only inside but also outside of the ring due to its raw power and excellent temperament, which made it easily trainable at home.

Today, The Bates Grey Gamefowl Bloodline continues to be admired all around America for its incredible balance between beauty and brawn!

Bates Grey Gamefowl Physical Characteristics

With a muscular build and athletic frame, these birds are medium-sized with strong legs, making them excellent fighters in the ring.

Their plumage is predominantly black, with occasional white or grey feathers on their wings and tail. Depending on the individual bird, their comb type can vary from pea to straight. They generally have small wattles and earlobes that match their comb color.

One of their most distinctive features is their leg color, ranging from blue-grey to black. They also have sharp spurs that help them deliver deadly blows during fights.

In terms of size, Bates Grey Gamefowl typically weigh 5-6 pounds for hens, while roosters may reach up to 8 pounds. These birds are known for being tough and resilient, making them popular among game fowl enthusiasts who appreciate strength over beauty.

Bates Grey Gamefowl’s physical characteristics set it apart from other breeds, making it an intriguing choice for those looking to add something unique to their flock or breeding program.

Behavior and Temperament

The Bates Grey Gamefowl is known for its outstanding temperament, making it a favorite among enthusiasts. These birds are highly intelligent and possess a calm demeanor that sets them apart from other breeds.

In terms of behavior, the Bates Grey Gamefowl is known to be docile and easy to handle. They are not aggressive towards humans or other animals, which makes them ideal for those who keep fowls as pets.

These birds also have a strong sense of loyalty towards their owners. They tend to bond closely with their caretakers, often following them around like puppies. This affectionate behavior has made the Bates Grey Gamefowl popular amongst families looking for an unusual pet.

Despite being gentle in nature, these birds can still defend themselves when necessary. When provoked or threatened by predators or other roosters, they will defend themselves fiercely using their sharp spurs and powerful wings.

The temperament of the Bates Grey Gamefowl is impressive due to its unique balance between gentleness and bravery. Whether kept as pets or raised for cockfighting purposes, these birds never fail to amaze with their exceptional personality traits.

Bates Grey Gamefowl Crosses

Bates Grey Gamefowl is a popular breed among gamefowl enthusiasts, and it’s not surprising that many breeders have tried to cross it with other breeds to create new and exciting hybrids. The most common crosses include Bates Grey x Hatch, Bates Grey x Kelso, and Bates Grey x Sweater.

The Bates Grey x Hatch cross produces excellent offspring in short knife and long gaff fights. This hybrid possesses the aggressive traits of both breeds but also has superior endurance, making them difficult opponents in any fight.

The Bates Grey x Kelso cross creates birds known for their intelligence and fighting spirit. These hybrids are incredibly fast on their feet and have powerful punches, making them deadly fighters in the ring.

The Bates Grey x Sweater cross produces a bird with an excellent sense of timing when delivering blows during a fight. They can switch between offense and defense seamlessly while maintaining impressive stamina each round.

These crosses demonstrate the compatibility of the Bates Grey Gamefowl as a breeding base for new gamefowl hybrids. Each combination brings unique attributes into play while retaining some of the original bloodline’s most robust characteristics.

Fighting Style

One can expect an aggressive and relentless demeanor regarding the Bates Grey Gamefowl’s fighting style. These gamecocks are known for their ability to overpower other breeds easily, thanks to their athleticism and sharp reflexes.

During fights, they tend to use a mix of offensive and defensive techniques to outmaneuver their opponents. They’re quick on their feet, using sudden movements and powerful strikes to gain the upper hand.

The Bates Grey Gamefowl is not only physically strong but also mentally tough. Its innate desire to dominate makes it a fierce competitor in any match. This breed’s determination sets it apart from others in the ring.

Their stamina is also noteworthy as they can keep up intense activities for extended periods without feeling tired or fatigued.

It’s important to note that while these gamecocks may be bred for fighting, animal cruelty should never be condoned or encouraged. Always treat all animals with kindness and respect regardless of their breeding history or disposition.


Richard Bates Grey Gamefowl is a legendary bloodline that has stood the test of time. Its physical characteristics and fighting style make it popular among gamefowl enthusiasts. The breed’s strong temperament and natural instincts for combat set it apart from other breeds.

While many different strains of Grey Gamefowl are available today, few can compare to the quality and reputation of the Bates strain. These birds have been carefully bred over generations to produce some of the finest gamefowl.

Whether you’re a seasoned breeder or just starting out with your first flock, these amazing birds are hard to go wrong with. If you’re looking for an excellent foundation line for your breeding program, consider adding Richard Bates Grey Gamefowl to your collection—you won’t be disappointed!

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