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African Swine Fever in Zambales: Candelaria Steps Up Biosecurity Measures vs. ASF

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga – To contain and prevent the spread of African swine fever (ASF), the municipal government of Candelaria in Zambales has ordered stricter biosecurity measures.

ASF was confirmed in three villages in the town following a confirmed report of infected hogs.

On Tuesday, Byron Jones Edquiling directed all barangays in Candelaria to establish ASF prevention and biosecurity measures in consultation with the Municipal Agriculture Office.

Following reports of ASF-infected pigs in Libertador, Panayonan, and Taposo villages, Edquiling called for stricter measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Dead pigs caused by ASF

The mayor said in a radio interview on Wednesday that a validated laboratory test revealed traces of the ASF virus in blood samples taken from the hogs.

However, he did not provide the exact number of ASF-infected pigs in their town.

According to the mayor, he has already met with barangay officials and agreed to strictly control and monitor entry points for swine, including farms, markets, slaughterhouses, and transport vehicles.

He said it is necessary to have a strict checkpoint at our borders.

The barangay must immediately notify the municipal veterinary office and follow the sampling, testing, and reporting guidelines if there is a suspected case.

He said, “Barangay officials need to determine which residents are raising pigs” (Barangay officials must determine which residents are raising pigs).

In addition, the Municipal Agriculture Office will not allow pigs to be sold without a health certificate.

Likewise, he warned the public not to feed their pigs’ swill, which could carry the virus. (PNA)

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