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Hybrid Rice Demo Farm Targets 275 Tons in Davao Del Sur Town

The Department of Agriculture in Davao Region (DA-11) said Thursday that during the wet season, about 275 tons of rice will be harvested from a hybrid rice demo farm in Hagonoy town, Davao del Sur.

DA-11 rice program coordinator Evelyn Basa said the project can contribute to the country’s 2027 rice production target with a minimum yield of seven tons per hectare.

In Barangay Sinayawan, Basa credited the project to DA-11, the Philippine Rice Board, the Davao del Sur provincial government, and the Hagonoy municipality.

A 35-hectare farm showcases 24 rice varieties and technologies from different seed companies.

hybrid rice demo farm
Hybrid rice demo farm

Basa said in a statement that the demo farm will serve as an avenue for farmers to observe and learn various technologies on cultural management practices, mechanical and seeding, and nutrient management, such as the ‘Abonong Swak’ recommendation, which can improve their production.

Harvesting is expected to occur in the third week of September as part of the 16th National Rice Technology Forum (NRTF).

Basa said hybrid rice seeds will be distributed to Irrigators Associations (IAs) and Farmers’ Cooperatives and Associations (FCAs) to increase their adoption by 40 percent.

The DA’s strategy is to achieve an average hybrid rice yield level of six tons per hectare (ton/ha) in the wet season and eight tons per hectare in the dry season by 2028.

Fuel subsidies are provided to eligible beneficiaries, especially those who own or rent agricultural machinery such as tractors, transplanters, harvesters, and shredders used for crop production.

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