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10 Best Fighting Rooster and Gamefowl Breeds

If you are looking for the best fighting rooster breeds, then you are in the right place. Game fowls or fighting roosters are a group of different breeds dedicated to fighting among themselves. They are characterized by extremely aggressive behavior in both females and males. This temperament manifests itself from an early age, so separating the males from each other is necessary to avoid a fight.

Today, we will address the different breeds of fighting roosters, also called fighting or fighting roosters, since there are other races and a lot of ignorance on this subject. Know and choose which is the best breed for you.

In countries where cockfighting is legal (need to secure a permit from the government), like the Philippines, the type of fighting cocks breeds or gamefowl is very important.

Best fighting rooster breeds

As in any animal, be it dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc., there are always different types of breeds, and in fighting cocks it is the same. These breeds have several varieties, families, or lines. But this time, we will focus solely on describing the characteristics of the best fighting cock breeds.

The common question asked by many sabungeros (people engaged in cockfighting) is what are the best fighting rooster breeds? This is a question, and although it seems very simple, it is very complicated to answer. Since it will depend on many external factors such as food, environment, vitamins for fighting roosters, training, or preparation, which does not only imply their genetics or lineage. From the point of view of experts, there is no perfect breed of gamefowls or best fighting rooster. But if there is a large number of roosters from a very good family, which with dedication and work can become an excellent fighting cock.

It should be mentioned that there may be many varieties or subfamilies within each line or family of roosters. The breeder can cross with another breed to improve some characteristics of the bird.

So if you plan to buy a specific breed of fighting cock, we recommend that you first know all the qualities and characteristics of the most suitable fighting cock breeds. Choose the breed that best suits your needs, but remember: you must provide the care and nutrition necessary to develop its potential to its fullest.

1. Sweater

Developed by Carol Nesmith, Sweater has consistently won most derby fights in stiff competition over the years in the bloodiest cockpits in the Philippines and Mexico. Sweater became the winningest bloodline of fighting cock not only in the Philippines but also in South America, particularly in Mexico.

sweater-gamefowl best fighting rooster
Sweater, a popular “Texas” gamefowl bloodline

Although Carol is not the original breeder of the famous bloodline, he is instrumental in its popularity and the one who refined its bloodline, so he deserves all credit for the Sweater’s development. The person who sold him the original stock even told him that the bred could no longer compete. Carol’s partnership with one of the Philippines’ best, Rafel Abello, paid off, and the bloodline became not only famous but also the leader in cockfighting.

2. Kelso

The Kelso rooster breed is one of the most classic fighting breeds. It is very popular and can be commonly seen in cockfighting venues. These birds are very good at attacking both above and below their opponents. They are very intelligent roosters, which has earned their popularity as one of the best fighting breeds.

Kelso Grey

Aesthetically they are very beautiful animals, of great size. For many cockfighting enthusiasts, it is the most beloved and sought-after breed of fighting cocks, since until today, very good results have been obtained.

3. Roundhead

Every cockfighter in the Philippines, from city to rural Sitios, knows what roundhead gamefowl is. Roundhead is one of the most popular breeds of fighting cocks in the country, and the only thing one should know about where his gamefowl came from. The bloodline is very important since many roundhead breeders are in the country. Experienced cockfighters know the difference between pure and fake roundheads.

Cowan Roundhead

The purebred and original roundhead has a pea comb, but not all roosters with pea combs are roundheads. Many breeders in the Philippines offer roundheads, but it is always advisable to buy only from well-known and respectable game farms.

4. Hatch

Hatch fighting cocks are of the best-known and recommended American lines in fighting cocks. One of the characteristics that distinguish this rooster is its strength and the speed of its attack. So, they are excellent in combat and do not tire quickly. Has greater strength in floor combat.

Spangled Hatch

This breed matches almost any other breed, especially Sweater, Kelso, and Radio. Their legs have a yellow-green color that characterizes them.

5. Hatch Twist

It is a variant of the Hatch line of roosters. The twirling hatch is differentiated by having white or yellow feathers on its neck. It is a large specimen that fights very fast and with great force. During combat, always look down (between 60 and 70 cm).

hatch-twist-gamefowls for sale
Hatch Twist

For some breeders of American roosters, hatch twists are the “secret breed” for creating new varieties of fighting roosters with important fighting characteristics since they are generally very skilled gamefowls.

6. Asil

It is a breed of fine roosters native to India. The plumage is black and red, and it has yellowish legs. In its anatomy, it has broad shoulders and a small beak; however, its wings are very prominent and stand out in this specimen.

Cobra Asil gamefowl

The size of the Asil rooster is small to medium and can weigh between 1.8 and 2.7 kilos. He is considered a good fighter for fighting since his attack is hard, and he can hurt his opponent with only his bare heels.

One of the disadvantages that can be mentioned of this rooster is that to throw at his opponent, they need to “bite”; his attack is slow. However, this is one of the fighting cock families that inch cock breeders have mixed with other breeds to give their birds more stamina and cut. There is a well-known phrase in the cockfighting world regarding this breed: “The Asil is the only breed that improves all the fighting rooster breeds.”

7. Shamo

The rooster breed “Shamo fighter” is a strong and dominating specimen, possibly the most “powerful” rooster, always on top of his opponent. The size ranges from medium to large, and the weight varies from 3.5 to 6 kilos, depending on the line. The color of their plumage can be white, red, yellow (turn), or gold.

Shamo roosters

There are several lines or breeds of shame roosters, but they all have thick feathers of Asian origin. This breed was developed to be a fighting rooster of unmatched ferocity and courage.

Shamo roosters are world-renowned fighting birds. The cockerels are aware of the incredible strength and resistance of these birds, which is why they are considered one of the “best fighting cocks”.

8. Radio

The Rooster Radio is an excellent fighting rooster, widely used by the roosters of Mexico and the United States. One characteristic that makes this breed stand out is that it is roosters with a serrated crest and a square head.

radio gamefowl
Radio gamefowl

They are very cheerful but aggressive roosters with broad and strong loins. Its colors are reddishly combined with black feathers, with medium yellow legs. During the fight, they can be described as determined roosters, but intelligent in combat, always looking for their opponent, with quick attacks, going well on the ground and during flight.

9. Peruvian

Peruvian gamefowl is becoming popular in the Philippines. It is one of the most sought-after birds in today’s cockfighting and the most expensive bird. As its name suggests, Peruvian gamefowl was developed in Peru and has one of the oldest bloodlines, but it took decades to get the perfect bloodline—the one we have today.

Peruvian gamefowl

A Peruvian trio of breeders could cost up to a quarter of a million pesos and is very difficult to acquire. 

10. Spanish Gamefowl

Also called the Fighter of Spain, Spanish Gamefowl is one of the best fighting birds in Europe and has become popular since the formation of the breed. They are small to medium in size; they cannot be together with another rooster because they fight to protect their territory and be the dominant one. It has an elegant bearing and excellent physical characteristics that make it an aesthetically beautiful rooster.

Spanish Fighting Rooster

Spanish roosters come in a wide variety of colors, from white to light and mottled. In combat, they are animals that always seek a fight and never run away from their battles. They enter with their legs, looking for the upper part of the opponent, always with courage and bravery.

These are some of the best fighting cock breeds, but there are many more.

Common questions about the best fighting rooster breeds

What breed of rooster is used for fighting?

Also called the fighting cock or game cocks, they are usually selected from the Miner Blues, Hatch, Claret, Black, Round Head, or White Hackel breeds. They are prized for their durability, strength, and “no retreat, no surrender” mentality. The fighting cock differs from farm chickens in both size and plumage.

What is the toughest rooster breed?

The Thai Game Fowl is considered the most aggressive breed of chicken. This bird originated in Thailand and was initially bred for cockfighting. Thai Game Fowl are known for their enormous muscular bodies and sharp claws.

Is it illegal to breed fighting roosters?

Is Cock Fighting Illegal? Cockfighting is illegal in every state in the U.S. It is a felony in 39 states and can be a felony or a misdemeanor in California. It is also a federal crime, prosecuted under the United States Animal Welfare Act, 7 U.S.C. In the Philippines, however, it is both legal and illegal. The government can issue permits, but some people do cockfighting without a license.

What is the most protective rooster?

I suggest a mid-sized breed if you’re looking for a rooster to protect your hens. Birds such as the Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and even the widely available commercial Easter Eggers make great protectors.

What is the friendliest rooster?

Orpingtons. Orpingtons can be the friendliest and sweetest chickens, generally true for both hens and roosters! This heavy, docile breed has friendly personalities.

What age can a rooster fight?

Aggression typically becomes apparent in cockerels when they reach puberty, generally any time after four months old—sexual maturity ushers in a whole load of testosterone, which is a behavior game-changer for some.

Which hen is best for fighting?

Any bloodline of fighting roosters has their hens fighting as well. These include, but are not limited to, Albany, Asil, Brown Red Game Fowl, Grey, Kelso Game Bird, Lemon Fowl, Radio, Roundhead, Sweater, and most of the gamefowl breeds.

What is the rarest type of rooster?

Dong Tao. The Dong Tao or Dragon chicken may be among the most unusual chickens you will ever see. They are huge chickens, with roosters reaching 12lb and even hens reaching 9lb.

What do you do if a rooster attacks you?

When the rooster attacks by charging you, raise your arms, and move them around, I flap mine. This makes you look fierce and even larger to him. Please take a few steps or even run toward him. Please DO NOT walk away from him or turn your back to him until he has surrendered to you.

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