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Johnnie Jumper Gamefowls: Anything You Need To Know

Johnnie Jumper is a man who will always be remembered in the world of cockfighting – an American legend cocker-breeder. He left a legacy that cannot be relinquished, as his name has already been etched in our sport’s history.

Who is Johnnie Jumper

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As a child, Johnnie had ten siblings. His household was meager in wealth but rich in love and dedication. He learned values from an early age and never forgot his roots. His honesty was unwavering. He would never sell anything he considered inferior to the best in business. Everyone was treated equally. He didn’t care if you were a congressman or a convict. Most people he met were his friends, so he loved them all.

Johnnie Jumper had an immeasurable love for his family, friends, and chickens. In the wake of his passing, his beloved bloodlines will remain in good hands – those of Randy and Nathan Jumper, caring for the Jumper fowl farms across Mexico and the US. As per Johnnie’s wishes, all his worldly possessions, including business and personal ones, have been transferred to his wife and family, thus allowing them to continue with their father’s legacy. It is with a heavy heart that this is being done, yet it is a great honor.

They have made it their goal to combine knowledge and ambition to continue the legacy that was left to them. Randy has had a business in Mexico for many years. Nathan, along with a family friend/employee of thirty years, is continuing the farm in Mississippi.

Continuing the Jumper family’s business will be done with honesty and integrity as always. Following Johnnie’s wishes, his offspring will continue to operate the business and continue his bloodline. Johnnie Jumper’s legacy will continue from generation to generation through his bloodline, just as his brood fowl have.

The Legacy of Johnnie in Cockfighting

Johnie began tending to chickens even when he was just seven years old; they have been a staple in his life ever since. In the ’50s, he became close with some of the most well-known cockers, like Weather Kelso, Duke Hulsey, and Cecil Davis, who all had a huge effect on his career as a breeder. By the ’60s, his reputation in cockfighting had spread far and wide, and he had officially transitioned from hobby to job. Breeding chickens wasn’t always easy for Johnnie; however, his natural affinity for them enabled him to be successful. On top of gaining customers through cockfighting, he also made many valuable friendships that supported him in his craft.

Johnny was very popular with his Jumper Kelso and Radio lines. He had acquired his Radio from Cecil Davis; he called it Radio because it was noisy when he bought it for the first time. The horse had a high winning percentage. He crossed it over Murphy, Whitehackle, and Kelso. He was very impressed with its body conformation and performance because it had gameness and cutting ability.

As a perfectionist, he never stopped until he never saw a great chicken. Before breeding chickens, he made sure he knew where they came from. He believed that the character of their parents contributed significantly to their ability to be good chickens. A weak parent is likely to have weak offspring as well.

As a man, Johnie was known not just for his breeding but also as an honorable person. A few people who met him in person said he was very kind and honest. No comments were heard about him. According to them, Johnnie never irritated anyone. Instead of irritating anyone, he was always willing to lend a hand to those who sought his advice and wanted to acquire his chicken.

When Johnnie was alive, he always visited the Philippines. He made friends with many prominent breeders there. He loved the Philippines because of its hospitality and commitment to cockfighting. When Johnnie died in 2011, he had already propagated his bloodlines all over the world. For cockfighters out there, Johnnie Jumper is immortal because of his chicken.

Johnnie Jumper Popular Bloodlines

Johnnie Jumper is famous for developing Johnnie Jumper Kelso and Johnnie Jumper Radio bloodlines. Today, these two popular rooster bloodlines are highly esteemed and sought-after in countries where cockfighting is still legal, especially in the Philippines.

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