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Mug Gamefowl: A Resilient and Revered Gamefowl Breed

With a rich history rooted in cockfighting, the Mug Gamefowl is a breed that holds a special place in the hearts of gamefowl enthusiasts. Originating in England, these birds were developed by selectively breeding various strains, such as the Old English and Irish Gamefowl. Over time, the breed made its way to the United States and the Philippines, gaining popularity for its remarkable fighting prowess and striking appearance.

Physical Characteristics

The Mug Gamefowl is known for its distinctive appearance. They have a compact, muscular body with well-developed breasts and strong legs. These birds come in a range of colors, including black, red, white, and variations of these hues. The males typically display vibrant plumage with glossy feathers, while the females exhibit a more subdued and mottled pattern.

Blue Mug Rooster

In terms of size, mug roosters generally stand about 24 to 28 inches tall, while hens are slightly smaller. The males can weigh from 5.5 to 7.5 pounds, while the females are typically lighter, weighing between 4.5 and 6 pounds.

Behavior, Aggressiveness, and Fighting Style

Mug roosters are renowned for their aggressive and tenacious nature. They possess an indomitable spirit and a strong fighting instinct, making them formidable opponents in the cockfighting arena. These birds exhibit exceptional agility, speed, and accuracy in their attacks, and they are known for their precise strikes and powerful blows. Their relentless drive and unwavering determination have contributed to their reputation as fierce gamefowl.

Notable Mug Gamefowl Breeders

In the United States, several renowned breeders have made significant contributions to developing and preserving Mug rooster strains. Names such as Harold Brown, Ray Alexander, and Jerry Adkins are highly regarded for their dedication to breeding exceptional gamefowl. In the Philippines, breeders like Biboy Enriquez and Dicky Lim are recognized for their expertise and success in producing outstanding Mug game fowl lines.

Is Mug Gamefowl Rare?

The Mug Gamefowl is a relatively rare breed, especially in its purest form. Due to its popularity and demand among gamefowl enthusiasts, the breed has faced challenges in maintaining its genetic integrity. However, through the efforts of dedicated breeders and conservationists, the Mug Gamefowl continues to be preserved, ensuring its legacy as a cherished gamefowl breed.

Popular Types and Bloodlines of Mug Gamefowls

Within the Mug rooster breed, there are several recognized types or strains that different breeders have developed. These strains may vary in certain physical and behavioral characteristics and their fighting style. Here are a few notable types of Mug Gamefowl:

  1. Gilmore Mug: Developed by breeder Joe Gilmore, the Gilmore Mug strain is known for its aggressive nature and hard-hitting style. These birds are characterized by their strong bodies, broad chests, and powerful legs. They are often sought after for their exceptional fighting ability and fighting intelligence.
  2. Allen Roundhead Mug: The Allen Roundhead Mug strain combines the traits of the Allen Roundhead and Mug rooster breeds. This cross results in gamefowl with a balance of power, speed, and cutting ability. The Allen Roundhead Mug is favored by breeders looking for well-rounded fighters with good endurance.
  3. Madigin Claret Mug: The Madigin Claret Mug strain crosses the Madigin Claret and Mug Gamefowl breeds. This combination produces gamefowl with agility, accuracy, and tenacity. The Madigin Claret Mug is known for its ability to deliver precise strikes and its strong fighting spirit.
  4. Boston Roundhead Mug: The Boston Roundhead Mug strain combines the qualities of the Boston Roundhead and Mug Gamefowl breeds. These birds exhibit a well-balanced fighting style, focusing on cutting ability and intelligence. The Boston Roundhead Mug is prized for its agility, speed, and accurate striking.

It’s worth noting that different breeders may have their specific strains or variations within the Mug Gamefowl breed, each with its unique characteristics and qualities. These strains may be developed and maintained through careful selection and breeding practices to preserve desirable traits for cockfighting purposes.

Best Crosses for Mug Gamefowl

When it comes to breeding Mug Gamefowl, there are various options for creating desirable crosses that can enhance certain traits or characteristics. Here are a few suggested crosses that have been popular among gamefowl breeders:

  1. Hatch x Mug Gamefowl: Crossing a Mug Gamefowl with a Hatch strain can result in offspring that inherit the Mug’s strong fighting style and aggressive nature, incorporating the Hatch’s agility and speed. This cross can produce gamefowl with a good balance of power and agility in the cockfighting ring.
  2. Sweater x Mug Gamefowl: By crossing a Mug Gamefowl with a Sweater strain, breeders aim to combine the Mug’s tenacity and determination with the Sweater’s intelligence and cutting ability. This cross can produce gamefowl with excellent cutting skills and strategic fighting styles.
  3. Kelso x Mug Gamefowl: Crossing a Mug Gamefowl with a Kelso strain can result in offspring that inherit the Mug’s strength and power, combined with the Kelso’s endurance and gameness. This cross can produce resilient gamefowl and endure long fights with stamina.
  4. Grey x Mug Gamefowl: Combining the Mug Gamefowl with a Grey strain can yield offspring with a good balance of power and agility. The Grey’s speed and cutting abilities, when combined with the Mug’s aggressiveness and fighting style, can produce well-rounded gamefowl.

It is important to note that breeding gamefowl crosses requires knowledge, experience, and careful selection of the parent stock. Each breeding decision should be made with a specific goal in mind, whether to improve certain traits or maintain the breed’s integrity. Responsible breeding practices and a focus on preserving desirable characteristics are key to producing high-quality Mug Gamefowl crosses.


The Mug Gamefowl is a breed that embodies strength, beauty, and an unyielding spirit. With its captivating appearance, aggressive temperament, and exceptional fighting style, it has captured the admiration of gamefowl enthusiasts worldwide. While its rarity adds to its allure, it is essential to ensure responsible breeding practices to protect the breed’s genetic purity and guarantee its survival for future generations. The Mug Gamefowl’s legacy as a resilient and revered gamefowl breed remains firmly intact, serving as a testament to its enduring appeal and significance in the world of cockfighting.

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