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Possum Sweater Gamefowl Bloodline Profile

Welcome to the exciting world of gamefowl breeding! If you’re a fan of the fierce and competitive sport of cockfighting, you’re in for a treat today. In this blog post, we will dive deep into the fascinating bloodline known as Possum Sweater gamefowl. Developed by legendary breeders Johnnie Jumper and Rafael “Nene” Abello, this remarkable line has captivated enthusiasts with its unique characteristics and formidable fighting style. So fasten your seatbelts because we are about to embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of Possum Sweater gamefowl! Get ready to be amazed by these extraordinary birds and their legacy in the cockfighting community. Let’s spread our wings and soar into this captivating tale together!

History and Origin of Possum Sweater

The history of the Possum Sweater bloodline is a testament to the passion and dedication of its creators. It all began with Johnnie Jumper, a legendary figure in the gamefowl breeding world. Known for his expertise and success in cockfighting, Jumper developed the original Possum Sweater line.

However, it was Rafael “Nene” Abello who took this bloodline to new heights. With an eye for perfection and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Nene Abello honed and refined the Possum Sweater through careful selection and meticulous breeding practices. He created what is now widely recognized as one of the most sought-after strains within the gamefowl community – the Possum Sweater 226.

Possum Sweater Gamefowl
Image credit Nene Abello

Possum Sweaters are known for their exceptional fighting abilities, agility, and intelligence in combat. These birds possess a remarkable combination of strength and cunning that sets them apart from other breeds. Their physical characteristics make them formidable opponents in any cockfighting arena.

With their medium-sized bodies, strong legs, broad shoulders, and muscular build – these birds exude power and grace. Their plumage varies but often includes beautiful combinations of colors, such as black-breasted reds or dark brown feathers with striking patterns on their wings.

Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of the Possum Sweater gamefowl are truly a sight to behold. These birds come in a variety of colors, ranging from vibrant reds and oranges to deep browns. Their plumage is often sleek and shiny, giving them an air of elegance.

In terms of build, Possum Sweaters have a compact and muscular body structure. They possess strong legs adorned with sharp spurs, making them formidable opponents in the fighting ring. Despite their small size compared to other gamefowl breeds, they more than makeup for it with their agility and strength.

Speaking of size, Possum Sweaters typically fall into the medium-sized category. They are not overly large or cumbersome but still pack quite a punch regarding their fighting abilities. Their weight can vary depending on factors such as diet and exercise regime but generally ranges between 4-6 pounds on average.

The physical characteristics of the Possum Sweater gamefowl contribute significantly to their overall performance in fights. Their compact build allows for swift movements and quick strikes, while their colorful plumage adds an aesthetic appeal that cannot be ignored.

Possum Sweater Fighting Style

Regarding the fighting style of Possum Sweaters, they are known for their aggression and tenacity in the pit. These gamefowl are known for being fierce and determined fighters, never backing down from a challenge.

In the ring, Possum Sweaters exhibits an aggressive and relentless approach. They are known for delivering powerful blows with precision and accuracy. Their quick reflexes and agility make them formidable opponents.

One of the critical characteristics of their fighting style is their strong gameness. Possum Sweaters have an unwavering spirit that drives them to continue despite adversity. They have a never-give-up attitude that makes them incredibly tough competitors.

Another notable aspect of their fighting style is their intelligence. Possum Sweaters are strategic thinkers who carefully analyze their opponents’ moves before striking back with calculated counterattacks. This combination of strength, resilience, and tactical thinking makes them highly sought after in cockfighting.

Possum Sweaters have earned a well-deserved reputation for being fierce fighters in the cockpit. With their aggression, gameness, agility, and intelligence, they continue to be favored by gamefowl enthusiasts worldwide who appreciate these qualities in a fighter.

Possum Sweater Crosses

Possum Sweaters are known for their exceptional fighting qualities, but breeders have also successfully crossed them with other gamefowl breeds. These crosses can result in some truly remarkable birds that combine the strengths of both parents.

One popular cross is the Possum Sweater x Kelso. This combination brings together the aggressive nature and cutting ability of the Possum Sweater with the power and endurance of the Kelso. The resulting birds are often versatile fighters, excelling in short-knife and long-drag battles.

Another notable cross is the Possum Sweater x Hatch. This blend creates a bird with excellent speed, agility, and gameness. Gamefowl enthusiasts who prefer a more agile and elusive fighter highly seek out these crosses.

The Possum Sweater x Grey cross is another winning combination. Breeders aim to produce birds with superior cutting abilities and mental toughness by combining these bloodlines. These crosses are known for their relentless attacks and never-back-down attitude inside the pit.

When it comes to breeding possum sweater gamefowl crosses, there are endless possibilities for creating unique bloodlines that suit different fighting styles and preferences. It takes skillful selection and careful breeding techniques to achieve desirable traits in these hybrids.

Nene Abello Gamefarm – Home to Possum Sweater 226

Nestled in the picturesque countryside in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines, is the legendary Nene Abello Gamefarm, renowned for being the home to one of the most sought-after gamefowl bloodlines, the Possum Sweater 226. This sprawling farm has become a haven for gamefowl enthusiasts and breeders alike.

With its lush greenery and well-maintained facilities, Nene Abello Gamefarm provides an ideal environment for these magnificent birds to thrive. The dedication and expertise of Nene Abello himself are evident in every aspect of this establishment.

The Possum Sweater 226 is undoubtedly a star attraction at this esteemed game farm. Bred meticulously by Rafael “Nene” Abello over generations, these fowls possess outstanding qualities that make them highly prized in cockfighting circles worldwide.

Known for their vibrant plumage and unique color patterns, Possum Sweaters captivate onlookers with their beauty alone. But it’s not just about aesthetics; these birds also showcase exceptional fighting abilities.

Possum Sweaters’ fighting style is characterized by agility, speed, and precision. They are known for their aggressive nature and strategic moves that often catch opponents off guard.

As remarkable as they are on their own, Possum Sweaters also excel when crossed with other bloodlines. Their offspring inherit their impressive traits while adding new dimensions to create formidable hybrids dominating cockpits across competitions.

At Nene Abello Gamefarm, breeding top-quality gamefowl isn’t merely a business; it’s a passion passed down through generations. The meticulous selection process ensures that only the finest specimens pass on their genes to future generations.


The Possum Sweaters stand out among other breeds with their distinct physical characteristics, such as vibrant colors, beautiful plumage, sturdy build, and impressive size and weight. Their unique appearance only adds to their allure in the cockfighting arena.

Regarding fighting style, the Possum Sweaters are known for their aggressive nature and relentless attacks. They possess excellent cutting ability and remarkable endurance, making them formidable opponents in any fight. These birds exhibit true grit and determination that often leads them to victory.

Due to their outstanding qualities, many breeders have sought to crossbreed the Possum Sweaters with other bloodlines to enhance certain traits or create new hybrid lines. The resulting crosses can produce even more competitive gamefowl that excels in different aspects of combat.

One prominent breeder who has dedicated himself to preserving and improving the Possum Sweater bloodline is Nene Abello. His Gamefarm is home to the renowned Possum Sweater 226 and an extensive collection of top-quality gamefowl from around the world. With his expertise and passion for breeding champion fighters, Nene Abello contributes significantly to the cockfighting community.

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