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Davao Durian Growers Plan Expansion to Meet Rising Demand

MANILA – The Durian Industry Association of Davao City (DIADC) is embarking on an ambitious endeavor to expand durian farming operations in response to the burgeoning demand in the Chinese market. This decision to tap into the vast Chinese market for durian represents a significant opportunity for both the agricultural sector and the local economy. In an interview with China Media Group Serbisyo Filipino on October 17, DIADC President Emmanuel Belviz articulated their expansion plans.

Belviz underscored the importance of continuous export efforts and the thriving market for durian in China as key factors motivating their expansion strategy. “So hopefully, due to our continuous exports and market growth in China, we plan to expand more durian farms and teach other farmers how to produce good quality,” he explained. The initiative to disseminate knowledge about durian farming is an essential aspect of their vision, as it ensures that the industry thrives while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Davao durian
Durian in Davao

Belviz also emphasized that the DIADC is committed to ensuring the quality of the durians it sends to China. To uphold this commitment, it has obtained the approval of both the Bureau of Plant Industry and the General Administration of Customs China (GACC). These endorsements from regulatory authorities reflect the government’s trust in the DIADC’s ability to meet international standards. The endorsement by government agencies showcases the organization’s dedication to delivering top-quality durians to the Chinese market.

In its quest to maintain quality, the DIADC has implemented rigorous agricultural practices. Belviz elaborated on its approach: “We follow good nutrient management on our farm. We do soil testing and nutrient evaluation every year in our trees.” This meticulous attention to detail is essential for producing the best durians, and it is one of the reasons why its products have gained recognition and trust from various regulatory bodies.

Expanding durian farming operations in Davao City to cater to the growing Chinese market is part of a broader strategy to foster economic growth and trade relations between the Philippines and China. Earlier this year, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. announced a significant milestone in this effort. He revealed that the protocol for exporting fresh Philippine durian to China had been signed, paving the way for Chinese importers to source this delectable fruit from the Philippines.

The agreement between Manila and Beijing involves the establishment of a protocol of phytosanitary requirements for exporting fresh durians from the Philippines to China. This protocol was meticulously negotiated between the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines and China’s General Administration of Customs, ensuring that the fruit meets international standards for safety and quality.

The signing of this protocol is a remarkable development for the durian industry and Philippine agriculture. It opens up new avenues for trade and economic cooperation between the two nations, with durian as a prime example of a sought-after Philippine export commodity in the Chinese market.

Expanding durian farms in Davao City and maintaining the quality of durians sent to China is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the Durian Industry Association of Davao City. As they continue to grow and collaborate with various stakeholders, they play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the durian industry and bolstering international trade relations between the Philippines and China. This expansion contributes to the region’s economic well-being and showcases the Philippines as a reliable supplier of high-quality agricultural products to the world. (PNA) 

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