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Czech Republic Explores Defense and Agriculture Ties with Trade Missions to the Philippines

In a bid to foster international partnerships in the realms of defense and agriculture, the Czech Republic is contemplating dispatching trade missions to the Philippines next year. This prospect was officially unveiled during a pivotal meeting at the Malacañan Palace in Manila, where Czech Ambassador to the Philippines, Karel Hejč, presented his credentials to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. The conversation between the two envoys centered on expanding collaboration in areas of mutual interest and mutual benefit, encompassing the exchange of goods and services and forging deeper ties between their nations.

Czech republic
Czech PM Petr Fiala and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

“The opportunities are here. We need to grab them,” emphasized Ambassador Hejč as he outlined the plans for the forthcoming year. He hinted at the visit of the foreign committee of the Czech parliament, which is slated to focus on vital defense and security issues in the regional geopolitical landscape. Furthermore, the Czech Minister of Agriculture is also expected to visit Manila later in the year, accompanied by a contingent of carefully selected Czech businesses eager to explore investment opportunities in the Philippines.

The Czech Republic’s interest in building stronger links with the Philippines is rooted in the former’s exceptional success in the defense and security industry. Ambassador Hejč proudly noted his country’s journey from manufacturing small tractors for agriculture to producing state-of-the-art fighter jets, airplanes, and a wide array of defense equipment. The Czech Republic’s strategic location in Central Europe and its historical experience in regional conflicts have allowed it to become a renowned producer of high-quality war instruments, arms, and ammunition.

The proposed collaboration is not limited to the supply of defense equipment. The Czech Republic is also keen on sharing its expertise in training exercises, maintenance, and upgrades. It’s worth noting that the Czech Republic’s defense manufacturing sector has become a flagship industry, showcasing its potential to be a valuable partner for the Philippines.

Moreover, Ambassador Hejč invited President Marcos to a major fair in Manila in September next year. At this event, selected Czech manufacturers will showcase their products, providing a unique opportunity for the Philippines to explore potential partnerships. He also extended an offer for President Marcos to visit the Czech Republic, where he would be delighted to introduce him to Czech industries interested in collaborating with the Philippine Armed Forces and Coast Guard.

President Marcos welcomed the Czech Republic’s eagerness to enhance the bilateral relationship, particularly in the key areas of agriculture and defense. Agriculture is a top priority for his administration, representing a cornerstone for transforming the Philippine economy. Simultaneously, defense and security are essential areas of focus, given the critical issue of maritime security in the Philippines. Marcos acknowledged the Czech Republic’s prior support in proposing vessels for securing the nation’s maritime territories.

The maritime security challenge is not unique to the Philippines but extends to the broader Indo-Pacific region. In light of these shared concerns, President Marcos expressed the importance of establishing close partnerships and alliances to address these challenges effectively. He highlighted the significance of these international relationships in shaping the Philippines’ foreign policy.

It’s worth noting that earlier this year, the Czech Republic’s Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, visited the Philippines. In his meeting with President Marcos, they both expressed their commitment to strengthening bilateral ties in various areas, including defense, trade, investment, university-to-university linkages, and judicial and labor cooperation. These interactions underscore the Czech Republic’s genuine interest in deepening its relationship with the Philippines.

Diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the Czech Republic were officially established on October 5, 1973. Since then, their economic ties have grown steadily. In 2022, the Czech Republic ranked as the Philippines’ 39th trading partner, 28th export market, and 47th import supplier. The total bilateral trade between the two nations amounted to USD 303.21 million. Key Philippine exports to the Czech Republic included storage units, semiconductor devices, digital monolithic integrated circuits, sports footwear, and electrical and electronic machinery. On the import side, the Philippines received materials for dice production, bearing housings, apparatus for carrier-current line systems, revolvers, and electrical and electronic machinery.

The people-to-people aspect of the bilateral relationship is also substantial. As of December 2022, approximately 4,864 Filipinos were residing and working in the Czech Republic. They were predominantly engaged in the processing industry, automotive sector, appliance repair, manufacturing, information technology, real estate, health, wellness, and household services.

The ongoing efforts to foster a robust partnership between the Czech Republic and the Philippines reflect the shared commitment to economic growth, technological advancement, and regional security. As the two nations prepare for high-level visits and increased cooperation in the coming year, the potential for mutual benefit and prosperity appears promising on both sides of this burgeoning international partnership.

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